4. The Phoenician vessels (1958)

The first scene of the mosaic depicts characters dressed in Hellenic clothing, a temple in the background, and the vessels characteristic of the period of Greek and Phoenician colonial expansion. The artist wishes to illustrate the prominent role that these two peoples had played in the social, economic and cultural history of the Mediterranean classical world. The second mosaic features elements of the Medieval era with Christian Crusader ships heading for the Holy Land. The Oriental nature of the buildings in the background reinforces the vision of this historical era.
Different Christian realms took part in the Crusades fought in Muslim occupied territory in the eastern Mediterranean and these are represented in the mosaic by their heraldic coats of arms and characters clothed in suits of armour. The vessels depicted are characteristic of the period as is the clothing of the characters.

Did you know that…?

The mosaic was fragmented into two pieces, restored in 2014 and located in the reception and dining room of the current hotel.

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