Window on El Vendrell gives you the opportunity to get to know El Vendrell, Sant Salvador, Coma-ruga and Sant Vicenç de Calders at first hand. There are ten windows, mobile phone in hand, through which to discover and explore a whole town: its streets, its museums and its past, as well as its present. 

Would you like to look through some of these windows?

The Portal del Pardo

Carrer de les Quatre Fonts on the corner with Carrer de la Muralla

The Plaça Germans Ramon i Vidales

Carrer del Mar, 4

El Vendrell parish church

Plaça Vella

The Plaça Nova and the Museu Deu

Plaça Nova

The houses of Pau Casals and Àngel Guimerà

Carrer Santa Anna

Sant Salvador

Sant Salvador

The Museu Pau Casals

Passeig Marítim Joan Reventós



Sant Vicenç de Calders

The Carrer del Pou Mirador, or vantage point

The Via Augusta

The beginning of the El Vendrell stretch of the Via Augusta

A little foretaste

At first the Portal del Pardo provided access from the Carrer Major to the track leading to Sant Vicenç de Calders, but from the 16th century it also led to the Raval de França district that was created in this area. In order to link this district, and cross the stream, the Riera de la Bisbal, the França bridge was built in 1888. This was the first bridge to cross the stream and you can see it behind you at the end of the street.

1. El Portal del Pardo

Location: Carrer de les Quatre Fonts on the corner with Carrer de la Muralla.


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