7. The Mermaid and the Triton (1961)

The Mermaid is an incredibly beautiful mythological, hybrid creature with a woman’s face and body, but the tail of a fish. She seduces sailors with her sweet voice and her musical instrument, a lyre. Triton is the male version of the Mermaid and is recognisable by the sea snail in his hands. According to legend, the snail makes trumpet sounds to calm or provoke waves in the sea. The work also features starfish, fishes, a jelly fish and sea gulls to reinforce the idea of the sea as the subject of the work.

Did you know that…?

Padrós employed a combination of geometric figures to obtain living forms in this work to develop a more schematic and avant-garde compositional aesthetic. He used this pattern again in his mosaic Elements, which is located on the façade of the spa Balneari Brisamar.



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