2. The bathing activity in Coma-ruga

The two spa complexes offered a high degree of comfort with showers, washbasins, spacious rooms, a café-restaurant, a piano room, a large garden, a chapel, saltwater bath facilities and medical assistance.

Originally, there were two owners of the Coma-ruga Spa, Antoni Pujolar and Josep Miró but later it passed solely into the hands of the latter. The hotel Gran Hotel Balneari Oriental Miramar belonged to the Trillas family, specifically to Bonaventura Trillas Ester, who also managed the restaurant at the Sant Vicenç de Calders train station. His nephew, Joan Trillas Bragulat was the owner of the hotel restaurant.

El Petit Pascual was a café-restaurant located on Coma-ruga lakeside and was a popular meeting place for summer visitors. The playwright Ramon Ramon i Vidales (1857-1916), from Vendrell, published a burlesque work of customs (a skit) “El restaurant de la platja” (The beach restaurant) which was set in this establishment. The play premiered at the Romea Theatre in Barcelona in 1908.


Did you know that…?

The original Vilafranca street received its name from the Vilafranca bourgeoisie. These were the families who spent their summers in the area and included the Sardà family and the Torres family (renowned viticulturists). Today the street constitutes the initial stretch of Palfuriana avenue and should not be confused with the current Vilafranca street

Worthy of mention is that the painter Pablo Picasso and Olga Khokhlova, his partner at the time, stayed at the hotel Gran Hotel Balneari Oriental Miramar on July 14th, 1917.

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