4. Consolidation of the Brisamar building project

Bonaventura Trillas was the person who initiated touristic development in Coma-ruga but it was his nephews, the brothers Andreu Trillas Bragulat, Joan Trillas Bragulat and Sebastià Trillas Bragulat, who oversaw the urban transformation of the area with the enterprise Brisamar SA. acting as an umbrella company. Andreu Trillas, the younger brother, had emigrated to Argentina as a young man, and made his fortune with businesses including the Tabaris Theatre Cabaret and poultry farming. He invested this money in the Coma-ruga urbanization project and became the company president. His brother Joan Trillas was the manager and Sebastià Trillas the administrator of the company.

The main activities of the company were to urbanize the land, i.e., surface the streets, install electricity and other amenities and to sell the plots of land. Buyers were required to comply with certain urban guidelines in order to be able to build. Detached houses could not exceed one floor in height, the size of the building could only occupy 50% of the plot and no more than two houses could be built on one plot. Plot number 30, located parallel to the train track, was the only space where apartments could be built. In order to promote sales towards the end of the 40s, Brisamar SA built some model villas. The dwellings boasted arched porches, a sloping roof covered with Arabic style tiles, whitewashed walls and a surrounding garden. This design was reminiscent of the Californian villas that were built during the Peronist era in Argentina, the country where the president of the enterprise had lived for many years. By the early 1960s, most of the land had already been sold and built upon.

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The spa Balneari Marítim Brisamar had been structured in three modules, the two sides were used for changing rooms and cloakrooms, showers and toilets. Therefore, it was a space for beach users that offered more than simple bathhouse services.

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