1. The beginnings of Coma-ruga


Old maps of the region showed a lake known as the Gran de Coma-ruga. However, because the water was so strewn with vegetation, it looked more like there were several different ponds, and in the heat of the summer the water would dry up, so that sometimes, the ponds would disappear completely.

Written documents, dating from the beginning of the twentieth century, mention the existence of two different lakes. The Coma-ruga lake, which was mainly formed from underground thermal waters, and Lake Gran, which had resulted from the water left over from sea gales or from drainage runoff.

The first lake was located to the left of the Coma-ruga road, and although the other does not appear on the old maps, it is currently in existence as an artificial lake. The most likely case in fact, was that, before the area became built up, as a result of sea gales or heavy rain, the mass of water grew, and the two ponds often merged into one.

Did you know that…?

In the mid-nineteenth century, this territory became the property of Vendrell municipal council as a result of the process of the confiscation of ecclesiastical properties. The land was purchased at an auction by Salvador Serra, an inhabitant of Vendrell, who donated it to the townspeople in 1847. At that time, the land was located within the municipal limits of Sant Vicenç de Calders, but in 1946 this municipality became part of El Vendrell.

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